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Mary Horner - Meraki Owner

"Is this trip for me? YES! If you..."

  • love living with the locals
  • are happy staying in quaint accommodations with charm
  • are into travel and meeting new people
  • choose to avoid the overpopulated touristy islands
  • looking for an experienced hands on host that loves what she does
  • love plenty of free time to make your own memories
  • love exploring and learning about the Greek culture and her history

We, at Meraki Expeditions, offer ideal adventures on the wonderful island of Poros Greece and Beyond. Our well thought out holidays have been enjoyed for years by guests from around the world.
We are known for our extraordinary cooking classes, sailing, agrotourism, cultural tours, art groups, health and wellness lessons, superb accommodations and staff.
We welcome you to join us for an experience like no other.
We will soon be offering many more trips, so please refer back to the website for future expeditions.


meraki [may-rah-kee] (adjective)

This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “a piece of yourself”
into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

Our crew


What our Guests are saying


Charles Sydnor & Emily Lawless

We returned from Greece and I feel compelled to say if you ever have the inclination to visit the Greek isles (highly recommend) contact Mary Horner and visit Poros. Poros is in that sweet spot of just enough touristy things without losing its soul and beauty. Mary knows everybody and is a natural connector and most gracious hostess."


Charlotte Morgan

"I'd Do it All Again!
As a child hearing Greek myths, I fell in love with Greece and all things Greek. So my ideas of Greece were idealized and romantic and probably impossible to fulfill, BUT my trip to Poros and Athens with Mary Horner fulfilled every dream and more.
If you long for Greece, this is the trip for you. I returned and it was even better the second time. I’d go back again in a heartbeat and consider myself fortunate."


Pamela Jane Rogers, Author and Artist

Mary knows Greece!
"For those who want an authentically lavish Greek experience, Meraki Expeditions led by Mary Horner is the ideal choice! Since Mary’s first arrival Greece in 1984, each year she has continued to bring family and friends with her. I have seen her phenomenal growth into an exceptional travel director. Mary knows and loves Greece, adventurous travel, and goes to the furthest extent to make sure her travelers have the finest time of their lives. I’d follow her anywhere!"


Bob Chapman

Just Amazing!!!
"The best advice I may be able to give anyone is that Mary Horner is a most extraordinary travel planner and social organizer which makes for a trip of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to travel to Poros, Greece a couple of years ago and from the time I was picked up at the Athens airport to the two weeks in a truly incredible spot on this planet to the time I was taken back to Athens- first class! Mary truly ensured that everyone had a most incredible time and was a wonderful guide in every way. I will surely ask Mary Horner to be involved with my next trip hopefully back to Poros or anywhere Mary has connections which is far and wide!!"


Frank Gencarelli

Fantastic Experience by well Organized Professionals!
"With its blue-blue water, inviting beaches, charming harbor and breathtaking vistas. Poros is one of the jewels of the Aegean – some consider it the most beautiful of the Greek Islands.
But it’s the people who make the party, and our hosts made our trip a lifetime memory.
Mary, Katerina, Rik, Dora and the friendly staff at Odyssey knew exactly where to send us – for four wheelers, beaches, ruins, shopping, art and, of course, food. The mere mention of our hosts guaranteed special treatment in places where special is norm. Take this trip! You will be glad you did."


Helen Farrar

Memories of the Trip are of Perfection!
"It was clear to me that you put so much thought before we even got there into who was going, what our needs and interests were, and what would appeal to us as a group and individually. I love the way you have so many personal and loving relationships on Poros, and that your friends greet us as friends just because we are “yours.”"


Cheri Savage

Amazing vistas, warm hospitality and calming seas.
These are just a few words that come to mind as I think back on our wonderful weeks in Greece.
A return visit is a must, but until then I will think of the magical time I had on Poros.
Thank you, Mary, for being the conductor of the symphony.


Evelyn Ottavio

My trip to Greece with Meraki Expeditions took me to whole new level of travel. I was welcomed on Poros by Mary and the lovely staff at Odyssey and they could not have done enough for me. I traveled alone and met the most fabulous people. Each day was better than the previous day. The Greek culture offered such a positive experience and the food was beyond incredible. Katerina’s famous Cooking Workshop was amazing as well as her extensive knowledge of the Greek culture. I feel I made lifelong friends on this journey and will always return to Poros, visit with my new friends, and meet many more. I have already started booking my next trip with Mary for the upcoming Summer.

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